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Tuesday: HIIT Cardio and Ramen Egg Recipe

Ramen Eggs

Today my split consisted of HIIT cardio and delts, or shoulders. On Tuesdays I teach a half-hour class at the Hollywood YMCA. I cannot overstate how much I love teaching this particular class. It’s only a half-hour because all we do is cardio. With a 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool down, we’re really only working for 20 minutes. But, trust me, 20 minutes of hard cardio intervals is all it takes. After class we’re all totally out of breath and soaked in sweat.

The enthusiasm and joy my students give to me each week is so incredible and touching. They work so hard! When I see the studio completely filled up with laughing, dancing, yelling, panting, bonding people I feel like I’m doing something that makes people feel truly good! I’m so lucky and grateful I get the chance to stand in front of them every Tuesday. It recharges my batteries and reminds me of why I do what I do. Y students, I love you! Thank you for having me as your instructor.

I can’t include a pic of my class today because the YMCA has really stringent rules about photos posted by employees from inside the building. Also, right now my phone has zero memory. I’m working on clearing it and/or get another camera so I can make some more workout videos for you guys. When that happens, I’ll make some vids of my weekly routines I teach at the Y. For now, I’ll just list it here for you and you can look stuff up if you want.

Today we worked 45 second work/15 second rest intervals. We did each exercise twice because the intervals are so long. We alternate the exercises. One minute rest in between each set. So it’s like A, B, A, B. One minute rest. C, D, C, D. One minute rest and so on. Make sense?

This workout was a real leg burner. I would even do this on a leg day if I felt like I couldn’t handle heavy weight for whatever reason.

Interval One

A. 4 Everest Climbers, Jump Feet Together, and a Weighted Sumo Deadlift

B. Duck Under an Imaginary Rope and Jump Tuck

Interval Two

C. Hold a Squat for 5 Slow Counts and then a Big Jump Squat Landing in a Squat, no rest in between

D. Rolling Side-To-Side Banana Roll Crunches (pull elbow to knee)

Interval Three

E. Weighted Halo Slams

F. Sprint Shooters (jump lunge up from a runner’s sprint and shoot an imaginary basketball on one leg only)

Interval Four

G. Weighted Rotational Chop Lunges (stay low)

H. Sumo Squat Taps (go into a sumo squat, come up slightly, and tap alternating foot without ever fully coming out of the squat)

Weights: I had to haul cookies after my class because I had to hit the grocery store and make it home in time to shower and get over to my older son’s school for teacher appreciation week, finish homework, and make it to t-ball practice. SO, I didn’t have time to do delts. I’ve decided that I’ll just add them to a day later this week. I usually like to devote a whole day to them because you have to work them from so many angles.


Ramen Eggs

I had the usual fare today. I ate eggs for breakfast, smoothie for lunch, some nuts for a snack, and I had a brownie at school. I probably shouldn’t have eaten it but whateves. Sometimes I eat brownies!

Tonight for dinner we’re having marinated eggs with various condiments and sides. The pic above is an example of a dinner I often make with the MEs. Marinated eggs are my own version of those delicious brown eggs you get when you have ramen. They are so so yummy. Here’s how I make em.

First, I poke tiny holes in the fat end of about 8 eggs with a tack. This allows the air to escape when I plunge em into boiling water so they don’t crack.

Ramen Eggs

Heat a big pot of water till it’s at a rolling boil. Gently plunge the eggs in and set your timer for 7 minutes. Then drain and run cold water over the eggs until they’re cool enough to handle. Peel the eggs under a small stream of warm water from the kitchen faucet. The peels should basically slide off. The put them in the marinade, cover, and let them sit for a few hours or overnight in the fridge.

The Marinade:


The eggs aren’t too clean as far as clean eating goes. I love them anyways and I feel ok about the ingredients. You can certainly sub coconut aminos or Braggs for the soy sauce and leave out the molasses. You could add spicy peppers instead Sriracha.

Mix together however much you like of soy sauce, fish sauce, Sriracha, and molasses. Add some water and mix it all up.

Here’s how the eggs look marinating:

 Marinated Eggs

The longer you leave them in the marinade the more pickled and firm the eggs get. The yolks become gel-like and lovely. Here’s a pic of one of my husband’s meals (he likes rice):


They are delicious with so many things. Anything you’d like a salty, savory egg with, you can add it in! We like to kind of make bowls of different stuff. Like, chicken, eggs, fermented veggies, stir fried greens, avocado. Things like that.

Today was busy but good. I’m one lucky gal and I really know it.

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