Stair Climber Routine: A Video


Just like the treadmill classes, I’ve also seen stepmill craziness on the rise. The stepmill, stair machine, stair climber, stairmaster, whatever you wanna call it, is usually lauded as the most effective cardio machine in the gym. I personally have always found it the most challenging machine. It’s also a wonderful way to build and lift your booty. Of course you could just climb some regular stairs out in the fresh air, but then you can’t do all these nutty moves I’ve compiled for you. No longer do you have to climb endlessly and aimlessly, oh no. You’re going sideways, backwards, jumping, and crossing over. And this workout is no joke. I almost died just making the instructional video, which is like 3 minutes long, haha. I’ve included a HIIT workout you can try out, if you dare.

Check out the video above!

You can also watch the video and get the HIIT workout on Organic Authority: This Crazy Stairmaster Workout Routine Builds a Beautiful Booty

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