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Saturday: Leg Day Part 2 (Glutes and Hammies) and Dutch Oven Chicken


On the weekends I like to use one of the days for Leg Day Part 2 and save the other for an active rest day. Since I skipped cardio on Friday I felt up to doing my second leg day on Saturday. If I wake up on Saturday and feel too sore and tired I just save Leg Day for Sunday.

If I am going to workout, I usually get up early and do it before the chaos begins. We always seem to have some kind of game (today we have t-ball) and a birthday party (yup) and some kind of hang-out scheduled with friends (getting breakfast & later BBQ with buds!) and errands (blech) and stuff.

Since we have such a full schedule today I wanted something relatively quick that also had a cardio element.

I love working on the backs of my legs and my butt. I always feel successful and strong when I work glutes and hammies. I did each of these in a row without any rest and repeated this round of exercises  7 times. I tried to work as quickly as possible so my heart rate would stay elevated. I took a one minute break and then did the second round 7 times as well.

Round 1: Repeat x 7

  • 15 Straight Leg Deadlifts, used my 20 lb dumbbells
  • 40 rapid Toe Taps on the ends of the dumbbells while they rest on the floor
  • 20 Kettlebell swings with my 25 lb KB
  • 24 Prone (face down) Leg Lifts on an exercise ball (I put my belly on the ball, hands resting on the floor, and tap my toes down on the floor in a wide stance. Then I quickly sweep them up and click my heels at the very top of the lift while squeezing my glutes as hard as I can.)

Round 2: Repeat x 7

  • 15 Sumo Stance Deaflifts, 20 lb dumbbells
  • 40 rapid Toe Taps on the ends of the dumbbells while they rest on the floor
  • 20 Arc & Hammers (I demo these in one of my HIIT workouts)
  • 24 Prone (face down) Leg Lifts on an exercise ball

This particular line up always makes the backs of my legs so sore over the next couple of days.

For dinner I made dutch oven chicken. This is one of my old standbys. I love it because it’s easy and a one pot meal.

Brown some well seasoned chicken (I prefer skin on, bone in) on high heat in a large dutch oven. Put the browned chicken on a plate. Deglaze the dutch oven with some wine or other alcohol or stock. Turn the heat down a bit and throw in chopped onions, carrots, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and whatever veggies you like. Cook for a bit and throw in a bunch of chopped garlic. Turn the heat off and nestle the chicken in so it rests on top of the veggies, skin side up. Pour any extra juice from the plate over the chicken. Plunk the lid on and throw it the oven. I usually cook it at 375 for 1-2 hours, depending on the thickness of the cuts of the chicken.

dutch oven chicken

We’re almost done with the week! If you have any questions or comments, LMK on my Facebook page! I love to hear from you guys. Hope you had a wonderful Saturday.