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Monday: Bis, Tris, Abs, and HIIT

Cherries and Cashews

So, here’s the first post in my week-long workout breakdown. You can refer back to my last post for a longer explanation.

I usually work a split. That means that I isolate certain muscle groups on certain days. I do that because I find that when I really focus in on one or two muscle groups I can work to muscle failure and get good strength and muscular size gains-as long as I’m willing to eat enough. “Failure” just means that you can’t finish even one more rep, you’re totally exhausted.

On Mondays I work biceps, triceps, abs, and HIIT cardio.

Today I did a really classic set of biceps and triceps exercises. I did each exercise 3 sets, 10 reps each, except for the finishers. It looked like this:

This Fit MomBiceps

1: Simultaneous Biceps Curls, 20 lb dumbbells (that means 20 lb in each hand, not total weight lifted)

2: Seated Concentration Curls, one arm at a time, 15 lb dumbbells

3. Simultaneously Switching Rotating Biceps Curls (meaning one was moving up while the other was moving down. When you get to the top you rotate your arm in and squeeze your biceps at the top), 15 lb dumbbells

Biceps Finisher: One set of Crazy 8s, had to drop down to 10 lb dumbbells due to serious fatigue


1: Triceps Push-Ups, slow count 2 beats down, 2 beats up

2. Lying Triceps Extensions, 10 lb dumbbells

3. Triceps Kick-Backs, one arm at a time, 10 lb dumbbells

Triceps Finisher: Dips on the bench, 40 reps (oohhhhh the burn)

This Fit MomAbs

I did a bunch of different kinds of crunches and a few rounds of full sit-ups. I stopped when my tailbone started to ache. Then I did some plank holds and some lateral leg movements and knee dips while holding a plank.


I was supposed to do 20 minutes of HIIT cardio. But after lifting I felt all cooped up and I had overdue library books. SO, I slapped my younger son in our dusty old stroller and hauled cookies to the library. I figured I was pushing between 50 and 60 lbs with kid, stroller, and 13 books combined, and I walked really fast. Sometimes I broke into a trot. I walked/trotted two miles total, got really sweaty, returned my library books, and we got some fresh air. I made it home just in time to pick up my older son from school. Even though I probably didn’t get quite as much of a calorie burn as I would have if I had done a 20 minute HIIT routine, I felt like it was a good compromise.

The pic up top is a snack I had. Cherries are just coming into season here in California and they are so so flavorful and sweet. I try to mostly stay away from grains, dairy, sugar, and processed foods. I had eggs for breakfast and a green smoothie with vegan protein powder in it for lunch. Tonight I think we’re having steak, corn on the cob, and broccolini for dinner. We don’t usually eat a lot of steak, but my husband found a good-looking piece yesterday that was on sale, so Imma cook it.

So, that’s it for today! Feel free to ask questions on my Facebook page and I hope you had a great day, too!