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How to Work Out With Me: Cardio HIIT Class/Session 1

Cardio HIIT

If you’ve been following along you know that I haven’t made any videos in a long time because I’ve lacked a camera. Well guess what? I got one! I’m not super pumped with my first attempt back, but things will smooth out as I go along. The inspiration to make these videos comes from my fab bestie who recently had a baby and wants to get some real, calorie crunching work done in her extremely limited spare time. I promise next time I’ll get all my stuff out from under the couch. It’s really just my WO equipment and our internet/modem thingy crap or whatever you call that, but it looks heinous. ANY-way…

Every Tuesday I teach a 30 minute advanced cardio HIIT class at the Hollywood YMCA. For those of you who can’t join me in person, you can follow along here on my website. I can promise that you’ll get a good sweat going, even though the actual work is only 20 minutes. When you add in your warm-up and cool down, you’ll probably time out at about 30 minutes, just like my class. These workouts are intense, but take things at your own pace and you’ll build up strength and stamina in no time. I’ll also always add in a link to my Spotify playlist (which changes every week) so you can have some fun motivation! My students often tell me that the music is key to helping them make it through.

How Does It Work?

I teach in sets of timed intervals. To begin, I’ll demonstrate 2 different exercises that we’re going to alternate between. Let’s call them Exercise A and Exercise B. After showing my class how both exercises look, I’ll start my timer. This week we’re working 20/10 second intervals. That means you do Exercise A for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, Exercise B for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and that completes one round. You then repeat that 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds of non-stop intervals. Then you rest for one minute while I explain the next two exercises. It looks like this:

  • (Round 1): A-20, Rest-10, B-20, Rest-10; (Round 2): A-20, Rest-10, B-20, Rest-10; (Round 3): A-20, Rest-10, B-20, Rest-10; (Round 4): A-20, Rest-10, B-20, Rest-10
  • Rest One Minute

Then we move to the next 2 exercises and you do the same thing. It’s confusing to explain but really simple after you’ve one it. There are no breaks in between rounds, you just keep working, alternating between A/rest & B/rest until you’ve done each exercise 4 times.

In the video, I demonstrate all the exercises in a row. The best way to follow along and work out with me is to watch two exercises, try em out a little, then pause the video and complete all 4 rounds yourself. During your one minute rest, start the video and watch the demonstration of the next two exercises. Pause the video again, gather your equipment, restart your interval timer, and complete the next 4 rounds. Do that twice more, working your way through all 8 exercises and you’re done!

Sometimes we work one side of the body or one leg. Whenever that happens I’ll demonstrate both sides. Just do the right side for Round 1, the left side for Round 2, the right side for Round 3, and the left side for Round 4. That way you’ll get a nice even burn 🙂

Alternatively, you could just watch the whole video, do all 8 exercises in a row, still working 20/10, rest one minute, and repeat that 3 times to make 4 sets total. But I find that’s a lot to remember and I usually get a better workout in when I’m not scrambling to figure out what movement I’m supposed to be doing.

What’s an Interval Timer?

An interval timer is just a fancy stop watch. You can download one, usually for free, that works just fine. You can get more features if you’re willing to pay for an app. It works best if your timer is not on the same device you’re using for viewing the video. For example, if you’re watching this video on a laptop, try putting the timer on your phone or iPad. It’s easier than having to click all around and minimize a million things after every set. The app I use is called IntervalTimer. I just picked that one because it was at the top of the list, free, and does what I need it to. But there are a lot of free ones to pick from. Try ’em out and see which one you like best.

Did You Say Equipment?

Yep. But don’t worry, it’s not a lot of stuff. I often use a pair of dumbbells or an exercise mat, but I won’t ever get any crazier than that because that’s all the equipment we have at the Y. I like to use a pair of 10 lb dumbbells when I teach my classes because that’s a weight I’m very comfortable with. I often demonstrate exercises where we swing the weights away from our bodies. That means you really need to make sure you’re totally comfortable with the weight you use. If 10 lbs. is really heavy to you, don’t use them for this type of workout. We’re just trying to add resistance so that the intensity is revved up, not build major muscle size. Always start light and then heavy up if you find the exercise too easy. Train smart, avoid injury, stay happy.


And on that note, please always warm-up before the workout, cool down after, and stretch or foam roll your muscles when you’re done. Please always have water to sip during the workout and make sure you have a safe, non-slip surface to work on. It’s great to push yourself, but never push too hard. You don’t ever want to feel sick, dizzy, or faint when you’re doing cardio. If that happens, it means it’s time to stop for the day, sip some water, and slowly walk it off till you feel better again.

ok, you ready?

  • Here’s the breakdown for today, Session 1.
  • You’ll need one pair of dumbbells.
  • Here’s our Spotify playlist for today!

Set 1:

A. Lunge/Rotate to Squat/Rotate to Lunge/Shoulder Press

B. Arc & Hammer

Set 2

C. Two Walking Planks & Jump Thrust

D. Low, Moving Runner’s Lunge

Set 3:

E. Lunge and Kick

F. 5 Count Squat Hold & Big Jump

Set 4:

G. Snatch & Switch Stance

H. Line Taps

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