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Friday: Chest, Back, & Cardio That I Didn’t Do. Plus Pizza.


By the time Friday rolls around I’m usually feeling pretty beat up and tired. Sometimes if my hips are really bothering me or my legs feel super fatigued from leg day on Thursday, I’ll skip cardio. That happened to me this week. So I didn’t do any cardio today. But when I do, I often do one of my HIIT workouts. Here’s a demo video of one of my classes/workouts you can do at home and a nice long explanation of how to do it.


I did 3 sets of each exercise, 12 reps for each set. I did the same finisher after each exercise, which was back extensions on the ball with a 10 lb dumbbell. Make sure and brace your feet against a wall for that one.

  1. One Arm Rows: I used my 25 lb kettlebell and did 12 reps on each arm. I like to bend over with a flat back and brace my hand on a kitchen chair.
  2. Pull-Overs lying on a bench. I used my 25 lb kettlebell again.
  3. One Arm Rows, Angled: Same as above but I rotated my wrist so that my grip on the KB was slightly angled towards my body. I feel it more in my upper/middle back, or rhomboids.
  4. Rear Delt Flys: Technically a shoulder thing but I like to do em again for my back. I use 10 lb dumbbells.


Here I also worked 3x12s. I did (or attempted to do) 16 push-ups for the finisher after each exercise. I always end up dropping to my knees at some point. It’s a major goal of mine to do all 48 full reps on my toes. Someday, someday. I did 3 all of these lying on a bench.

  1. Chest Press: I used my 20 lb dumbbells (these went up so easy today I def feel like I’m ready to heavy up big time)
  2. Chest Fly: 20 lb dumbbells
  3. Inclined Chest Press (I just lower one end of my bench): 20s again

Friday night is pizza night at my house! I don’t eat it, but my boys love it. I make it from scratch, so I feel better about them eating it than if we were to get take-out or buy frozen. Also, I get to sneak some veggies into the toppings.  This guy had asparagus and basil.

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Asparagus Pizza