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This Fit Mom


Here are some of the things I love! I don’t receive any money or products in return for my endorsements. These are my honest opinions and things I use every day.

Bare Minerals

I can’t live without my Bare Minerals! I like to wear makeup when I teach and make videos because I want y’all to enjoy my best face! I have a lot of sun damage and old acne scars that I prefer to cover. Unfortunately, I have really break-out prone skin and can’t use any kind of liquid make-up when I’m sweating. Bare Minerals never makes me break out, even when I’m bonkers sweaty for hours and don’t wash my face. The coverage is even and generally stays put. I highly recommend the starter kit to anyone who does a lot of sweating. I believe it’s around $50. I would definitely recommend going to a Sephora or wherever to try the color out first, though. Getting the right shade can be tricky and it’s worth your time and effort to brush the samples on and find the perfect shade. But the real trick to staying oil-free when you’re working out is a makeup setting spray.

Makeup Setting Spray

I’m super obsessed with this makeup setting spray from Urban Decay. It keeps my face from getting greasy and helps everything stay in place even when sweat is dripping off of my chin. I also love to use it in regular life. Anytime I mist it on I know that I won’t have to do any touch-ups all day. Seriously!


Boku Protein Powder

Boku Protein Powder. This is my dream protein powder. It’s just great. It’s made from whole foods and is lightly sweetened with dehydrated maple syrup, no stevia! The taste is good, the sources are good, and all the ingredients are completely recognizable. It is very expensive, though. If you’re looking for a bit more of a bargain, check out my budget PP below. (It’s the one I for reals use.)

MRM Protein Powder

MRM Veggie Elite protein powder in vanilla bean flavor. This 2.2 lb tub is only around $30 on Amazon and is a fantastic bargain. It is a veggie based protein (24 grams per serving!), has very few ingredients, tastes fine, blends well, and has a complete BCAA profile.


Vitamix. Ohhhhhhh yea. These babies are ridiculously expensive. I got mine refurbished from Amazon. They’re a lot cheaper that way. The motor is so powerful it pulverizes absolutely anything (ice, nuts, veggies, diamonds) with no trouble at all. The refurbished one comes with a 5 year warranty, but I just bet if you ever called the company and complained they’d bust you out a new one. I find that a good blender is an absolute necessity when you eat clean and exercise a lot. Smoothies, nut butters, almond milk, etc. Ask for one for your next birthday.

Lifting Gloves

Lifting gloves. I’m sure you could spend a buncha money on gloves, but I love mine and they were pretty cheap. These gloves from Harbinger are comfortable, machine washable, breathable, and protect and cushion my hands. I never used to wear gloves, but the heavy weights really started hurting my palms. My gloves give me a comfortable lift, a more secure grip, keep the bar from pinching my rings against my skin, and keep me from slipping on the floor when I do push-ups, planks, burpees, or any hands-to-the-mat exercise. I started wearing them to my HIIT classes and never looked back. Nowadays, I rarely venture into the gym without my gloves on. I like to think they even protect me from germs.


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